Watcher Series Update – March 31, 2015

St. Germain and Joelle of the Galactic Federation of Light

March 31st, 2015


I am pleased to be here to speak to all of you who have magnificently flowered as in Flower of Life.  It means you have consciously connected to the ONE as in Oneness.  All of you are the dots that are connected to the many by lines.  Take a look at the picture below:  Microcosms of Consciousness connecting to Macrocosms of Consciousness all over the world.   All of you are coming into your Truth.  When you meet, you tend to connect with groups of same thinkers of like minds.  



I would like to start with how significance of the Feminine Energies coming into balance with the Masculine Energies.  The Grand Trine Cosmic Event not only involved how they come together but rather they officially created the Balance of the Feminine/Male in your DNA and or for some of you the completion of the DNA.  Many will feel the Heart chakra opened up with Love being Injected into everyone at some capacity or level.  Everyone is on a different level of frequencies and so they will feel Love on a different level of acceptance or acknowledgment of what Love unconditionally means inwardly.  


The Trinity of the Feminine Energies:  Spring Equinox, Supermoon, and a Total Solar Eclipse




There is another Cosmic Event that took place at the very same time, which involved the Sun Energetics.  The Sun which is ruled by the Male Energies but also the Moon which rules the Female Energies.    Some are aware that this did indeed did take place whereby both came together.  This special event was in coordination with the Trinity of the Feminine Energies that happened the same time the Sun: Male Energies released a vast amount of Solar Winds of major proportions produced a massive Solar Electromagnetic Storms that lasted quite a few days as seen below.  At this time a virtual Timeline 7 had overlapped our Timeline for which we reside in the 3 D and simultaneously 5 D.  Why Timeline 7?  The Time Travelers and Lord Kuthumi who controls the Timelines manifested the cosmic event because Humanity was ready for the upgrade.  Well there are several humanities in many Timelines and the overlapping Timelines affect each other, therefore Timeline 7 was chosen to overlap with this Timeline you reside in because of its benefits out way the negative impact of perhaps other Timelines not suitable.    


What this means is the other self of YOU which resides in Timeline 7 is overlapping your consciousness but not physicality.  So your behaviors and habits and mental stability is interactive with what is coming at you personally in your Timeline.  This activity happens hours, days, weeks and even months until the overlapping consciousness is completed.  The important thing to remember is you will feel changes, anxiousness, anger, happiness, even tears- whatever the other of yourself feels will overlap with you, and what you will receive as in taking with mostly good and some bad.  The overlapping of the timelines allows for both Timelines to interject into each other’s Timeline.  You may find you are more psychic than you were before the March 20th, 2015.  Some of you do not have your other self in the Timeline 7 and therefore will not be affected at all personally.  That also goes for your friends, your family members and perhaps even your spouse and children.  Now those of you who are advanced enough to know that Ascended Master Kuthumi comes around you now and then in most recent days or weeks several times, has done activations on you personally.   Some of you may be aware of him being there or may not be aware.         


The Trinity of the Masculine Energies:  The Sun, Solar Flares, and Timelines Overlapping





What we have is a Cosmic Grand Cycle of the Solar Sun- Masculine and The Trinity of the Super Moon, Spring Equinox, and the Eclipse – Feminine coming together to create major changes in humanities consciousness.  Sun Solar-Eclipse with the Moon comes together to bring much change, and it was a change whereby Timelines overlapped and Hueman consciousness is transforming into higher realm of knowing. A sort of mini evolution to higher self thought processes that give you even more capability than before this time- Now.    


The Galactics and the Timeline Lord- Ascended Master Kuthumi, and the Time Travelers have made the necessary changes to keep Timeline 7 open for the flow and the unloading of consciousness in both directions.  Both Timelines benefit but they also have damaging circumstances that will occur as well.  That means wars have been brought over from Timeline 7.  There are also psychological illnesses that will affect many people more severe than what they have in this Timeline for which we reside.  I only bring this up because of some nocuous events that have taken place most recently in your news.  There will also be diseases and illnesses that come in and go out from a cellular level to both timelines and these are generated mostly by negative energies expelled by individuals that have not been able to release or clean out old issues or even karma.  3 D Humans will experience this level of progressive illnesses that will only get worse as time moves forward.  All of you need to be aware that you will see a lot of bad things all around you, but that is part of the change for your new earth cycle of ending the old for the new to come in.  It’s part of the Earth’s process to scab and clear out old energies.  Timelines are overlapping as part of the process to release this old energy.


I hope all of you are enlightened with this information and share it with others of like mindedness.  Understand that this is a major year for change good and bad but it the start of a new beginning in the 5 D whereby the higher self controls most of your thought patterns.  This is what you all worked hard for.  Connecting all of your DNA to be responsive with remembering your past with the help of the higher self- Soul level whom actually participates in your mind / thoughts. 


Her is to you being remarkable Hueman beings that you are.                  


I am St. Germain



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