Help from June

Help from June

“Fixing the Problem” with a little help from June

Using MagiK in the Astral Field’s or Etheric Planes of existence has allowed me to work on just about anything difficult that can’t be done here on earth.  People contact me all the time about personal stuff as well as Problem people in their lives.  I have a “Mixed Bag FIX IT Tools” that can do some pretty interesting MagiK as long as it is appropriate.  “An Old Soul is Very Wise”.  As long as a person is in their integrity, I can pretty much make changes on a few people to have a positive outcome for all involved.  My work is a collaboration of past, present, and future in regards to Soul Retrieval, Past Life Experiences, and Reliving nightmares from a Past-life.  I pride myself as a listener so I can see the TRUTH without probing.  If you cannot figure out what is happening to you or someone you know, a family member or someone you really need to understand and get to the bottom of what their up to.  Well that is something I am pretty good at.  Most people I work with either find me or I find them through Astral Travel.  Sometimes people find me through their “Guides”.   Hey it’s my work and I love it.

I also allow people to pay what they feel they can afford.  So I don’t throw a number out there.  The Guide(s) do that for us.  I am perfectly happy with the Guide(s) making those kind of decisions since my best capability is “Fixing the Problem” and not worrying about finances and your ability to pay or not pay.  You are connecting with me because the Guide(s) that work with you also work with me.  We are all connected and I am told beforehand that someone needs by way of “Equity and Balance” in their lives.

I have outlined what it is I do.

Long Distance Work “Fix the Problem” of Entity(s) and or Demon problems

Since I do Astral Travel, It is easy for me to make adjustments and download Shamballa 1024 and even Reiki.  The Warrior part of the work is getting rid of things you don’t want and possibly you can’t see but on some level you can feel them around you … on you, making you ill or very tired and weak.  Some of you are experiencing pain, illusions, and even delusions.  Just know there is help on many levels

Any spiritually adept person who believes and understands illnesses and ailments caused by unseen things hidden behind a veil, they will find their way to a Spiritual Healer or even a Spiritual Warrior with unusual capabilities, and the person is usually sent by their Guide(s).  Some spiritual people navigate the internet looking for the right person to alleviate the problems of mysterious aches and pains as well as ailments of many kinds.  Most of the time a person is lead to the qualified Higher Vibrational Healer or a Warrior because the can pretty much get the job done and answer all the pertinent questions.  But there are also etheric annoyances that cause physical irritations unseen and you feel you just need to know what it is that is bothering you.

Covert Cording

What is Cording?  To understand cording is to know that certain people have a capability of connecting to you with an unseen cord(s).  It could be an emotional attachment that could be connected to you with a glance or a way to coerced you into buying something by a person who is considered a really good salesman or saleswoman.  Movie Stars can frontal Cord anyone who is watching them on a movie screen or TV and then you are hooked into just loving them for no apparent reason other than they stole your lust.  Many other people who are good at cording use the internet as a platform to cord into anyone that reads their message and wants you to join or buy something.  Psychics do this regularly when they have classes to teach you how to be psychic or classes on how to do healing.  The point is, you personally have the “Free Will” to make that decision yourself and not have someone make it for you.  Covert Cording is an influence by a person who needs to grab your attention and somehow seduce you into something you would probably not want to do or buy.

It is important to understand there are two kinds of cords.  One is a frontal cording when someone makes contact visually face to face and this could be quite harmless and within the rules but it is not always what it seems.  And then there is a Covert Back cording that a person you may or may not know connects to you and it may represent resentment or anger and perhaps anxiety of the negative kind of behavior and they want you to feel their pain.  Some people can do this to their children and even their spouse.  Some do it to their neighbors and people they work with.  If you ever get a back pain between the shoulder blades and it comes forward to the “Heart Chakra” chances are that you have been Covertly Corded by someone that feels animosity, hatred or pain towards you about something that has to do with the heart strings, love or love pains and even if you ignore them for any reason.  This person has to be able to do cording malevolently as well as innocently (50 % of the population can do this) at one time or another for reasons that only you and they know.  If someone you know gets mad at you- chances are they can put that knife in your back and twist it when they feel like it.  Where do you think this analogy came from?

Covert cording has many avenues to discover.  If anyone thinks about it long enough they can probably see when they had a sharp pain near or at the shoulder blade that seemed to ache for days on end.  Suddenly it goes away and you forget about it, but the next time it happens think who may got mad at you recently?  And how often do they do this to you?

What can you do to stop this Covert Cording?

The best way to stop it is to take the power away from the offending culprit of the behavior.  This kind of Covert Cording is against Free Will of the person that has it happen to them continually.  If you want it to stop then you have to find a healer that can take the misguided gift away from the offender who is consistently doing it at your expense.  After all why should you keep going to the chiropractor to have it messaged out only to have the Covert Cord put back in a few days or weeks in the future.  If you have not noticed perhaps this writing will bring up some bad memories of suffering through the day(s) and night(s) with a painful ache put those pains are there by someone you know.  You can have a “FIXER” stop that person’s capability completely and it will be the end of that performance!

Elementals and Entities

The Hidden Agendas of people who are actually Witches, Magicians, and Wizards.

This is one of my specialties, taking care of those unforeseen problems of Witches and their “manipulation” agendas.  There are more witches than you can fathom.  You hear a lot about magicians because perhaps they have a “Good” reputation but some of these people you have to be careful of as well.  Now the secret about Witches that are very dangerous, is that they don’t look like a witch.  They don’t dress like a witch and most importantly, they don’t advertise their abilities.  These kinds of Witches .. a few of them don’t even know they are Witches.  Generational or hereditary Witches have a lot of power unseen.  They can “Create” via manipulation what they want.  Like a person who write a Ink-Spell and then it just happens the way they want it to end or even begin.  These kind of Witches are the most dangerous and they come from Blue Bloodlines of Royalty laced through pedigree as well as Bastardization.

The Unseen Entities of the Various Kinds

As people move through the vibrational frequencies … entities and elementals are trying to grab onto anyone they can influence.  So we have good and evil or the Light vs. Dark entities vying for the few that come through spiritually elevated in the higher realms of vibrational frequencies.

The problem is that humans in general are immersed in what is called “Duality” and unless one is able to discern in what makes it clear if an entity is good or bad, a person may fall quarry to the wrong kind of energetic just because of their own disposition and integrity.  It takes time for all of the changes to actually gel and make any kind of sense.  Much more so for the humans who had quite a bit of the darkness coded into their Karma from cycling past lives and lessons not learned and cleared.  It just means a person has to be extra careful on the journey- Lots of evil lurking in the bushes to trap someone, holding one back and there are plenty of old issues making it harder as in stumbling does not make it any easier crossing into the Light.

There are so many different kinds of entities wondering in the etheric planes that the average human is not privy to them being around them or how they personally are being affected by the intruder.

The eventful day when an unsuspecting human starts having bizarre things happening that they start to wonder if it is them or what?  Most humans are on the course of moving up in their vibration and it is when they access these other planes of existence with hidden unseen entities that life gets a little strange.  Many people feel they have to have it explained to them but fear of being laughed at or not being taken serious causes them to not act.  They spend countless hours on the internet looking up possible suppositions and then reach out to a spiritual psychic or teacher to explain the unexplainable.

The most important thing one should do is seek out like minds and get the help and understanding you need.  Use your intuition and with help from your Guide.  You will be able to make some sense of things that are happening in your life that has changed everything about who you use to be and who you are to become.

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