Shamballa 1024

Shamballa 1024

Shamballa 1024 is a healing mechanism for ascension, made up of high vibrational symbols, geometry, color, language, and Universal energies which makes up four basic levels of a complete modality.  Universally is comes from is the 10th plane of existence of the 24th Dimension.   Some may argue that it is just another spiritual kind of healing modality but it is much more than that.

For ascension proposes it is unique that it operates through any higher vibrational human as the single most identifiable connection to the universe that allows for the evolutionary human in progress to expand him or herself to the Crystalline DNA.  The emotional and the physical body starts making the journey to upgrade beyond the 12 strand DNA of the Carbon based DNA of the slave human.

Shamballa 1024 is also a useful tool for healers who would like to expand on their healing capabilities.  Reiki becomes Super Reiki and high vibrational healing is done without any of the bad side affects of tiring while doing healing work.  It is so powerful a healer never has to depend on someone else’s energy to help out with the healing.  The healer is able to grow beyond the healing dimensions of the lower vibrations.  New opportunities as a Master Healer seem to be more opportune since the healing energy is expanded into a higher ratio and energetic range of the 5 D.

What it means for many of you, is the opportunity to have a onetime download of the Shamballa 1024 Master Symbols if your Guide says you’re ready. The symbols are downloaded and sent through the etheric fields and will come down through your Crown Chakra while we talk over the phone or when I send them over to you at a pre-stated time.  It’s done by Long Distance healing or OBE.  The Shamballa 1024 Master Symbols are quite a site to behold.

I do charge for the symbols of the Shamballa 1024 to be downloaded at a set price of $50.00 US (PayPal) And they are available to anyone who has a Guide hat can use the symbols in integrity and in Service to Others in conjunction with yourself as the vessel or the carrier of these unique healing symbols.  Remember it is your “Free Will” choice to take the journey to the higher vibrations or stay where you are.

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