The Light Frequencies

The Light Frequencies

The Light Frequencies are probably the most sort after downloads for Spiritual Lightworkers who want to be completely connected to the Universal Beings and the Universe itself.  The Light Frequencies take the Spiritual Adept to the point of universal manifestation and creation- Far into the dimensional abyss beyond the 9th dimension.  Just imagine being part of something that is unseen because it spins too fast for an earth human to capture the glimpse or site of it.

The doorways created are access to the stars, to your Galactic Family.  There are many who have felt home is someplace else because many look to the stars knowing full well this is for which they came.  Your Galactic family awaits your home coming.  The conscious connectedness with those Beings from the stars … even home for some of you will allow the access just by getting the Light Frequencies.  It is the “Key” or “Codes” to the Doorways.

Light Frequencies open up the Higher Crown Chakra point to the Galactic Center of the Universe.  There are two Chakra points above the Crown Chakra point.  The Light Frequencies will allow you to loop in when the Doorway is created.

Consciousness then expands beyond the earth human being to a new galactic being welcomed back into the Universe.  So it is a major jump into the deep dimensional space community beyond the limited earth human access which is seen from a 3 D perspective.  Seeing beyond the 3 D is virtually impossible for most earth humans.

Not everyone can get these frequencies but if your Guide(s) has you search for the opportunity to get the downloads, knowing instantly that you will find yourself in the right place reading all about Light Frequencies and how to get them.

The token of gratitude is the equitable of sharing the Light Frequencies: The sum of $75.00 US via PayPal to receive the Light Frequencies.  You will be told if you can get them or if you have to get the Shamballa 1024 Master symbols first.

Before anything transpires, there will be an email correspondence or telephone discussion prior to getting the download of Light Frequencies.  The point is not everyone can get them, at least not right away but it is important that I confer with your Guide and my own to make the assessment.

One should think of receiving the Light Frequencies like a universal headset that allows access … you put them on and all of a sudden you’re hearing something beyond your dimension and getting messages loud and clear.

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